INT 15h Function C0h

"Get Configuration"

Registers at call
Return Registers
Supported Models

Registers at call:
    AH = C0h

Return Registers:
    AH = 86h if call unsupported
    CF set

    AH = 00h if call supported
    CF clear
       ES:BX -> ROM table:

Offset:   Size:   Description:

  00h     word    Number of bytes following
  02h     byte    Model
                     IBM convention (not necessarily followed by other manufacturers) is:
                        F8h = 386 or higher CPU (i.e. Model 70, Model 80, Model 95)
                        F9h = IBM PC Convertible (80C88-based)
                        FAh = 8086-based system (i.e. PS/2 Model 25, Model 30)
                        FBh = IBM PC/XT (8088-based)
                        FCh = 286-based system (i.e. PC/AT, Model 50, Model 60, Model 30 286)
                        FDh = IBM PCjr (8088-based)
                        FEh = IBM PC/XT (8088-based)
                        FFh = IBM PC (8088-based)
  03h     byte    Submodel
                     Typically a unique value in the model range for each unique model of system
                        i.e. Model FCh Submodel 04h is all Model 50s
                             Model FCh Submodel 05h is all Model 60s
  04h     byte    BIOS Revision
                     Typically incremented for each subsequent version of BIOS version
                        i.e. "0" is first release, "1" is the next later version
  05h     byte    Feature Byte 1
                     bit 7: DMA channel 3 used by hard disk BIOS
                     bit 6: 2nd 8259 PIC installed
                     bit 5: Real Time Clock installed
                     bit 4: INT 15h Function 4Fh called upon INT 09h
                     bit 3: Wait for external event (INT 15h Function 41h) support
                     bit 2: Extended BIOS area allocated (usually at the top of RAM)
                     bit 1: Bus is Micro Channel
                     bit 0: Dual bus system
  06h     byte    Feature Byte 2
                     bit 7: 32-bit DMA supported
                     bit 6: INT 16h Function 09h (keyboard functionality) supported
                     bit 5: INT 15h Function C6h (Get POS data) supported
                     bit 4: INT 15h Function C7h (return memory map info) supported
                     bit 3: INT 15h Function C8h (en/disable CPU functions) supported
                     bit 2: Non-8042 keyboard controller
                     bit 1: Data Streaming supported
                     bit 0: Reserved
  07h     byte    Feature Byte 3
                     bit 7: Reserved
                     bit 6: Reserved
                     bit 5: Reserved
                     bit 4: POST supports ROM-to-RAM enable/disable
                     bit 3: SCSI subsystem supported on system board
                     bit 2: Information Panel installed
                     bit 1: IML (Initial Machine Load) system
                     bit 0: SCSI supported in IML
  08h    byte     Feature Byte 4                               
		     bit 7: Unknown
                     bit 6: System has EEPROM
                     bit 5,4,3: ABIOS configuration
                         111 ABIOS present (unspecified config.)
                         110 unknown
                         101 unknown
                         100 unknown
                         011 ABIOS in RAM
                         010 ABIOS in ROM
                         001 ABIOS not supported
                         000 unknown
                     bit 2: Reserved
                     bit 1: System supports memory split at/above 16Mb
                     bit 0: POSTEXT directly supported by POST
  09h    byte     Feature Byte 5
                     bit 7: Reserved
                     bit 6: Reserved
                     bit 5: Reserved
                     bit 4: Reserved
                     bit 3: Reserved
                     bit 2: Reserved
                     bit 1: System has enhanced mouse mode
                     bit 0: Flash BIOS


Supported Models:
   All PS/2 Models

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